Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Much needed break

I am always excited when it is time for a vacation. I think being a teacher is perfect for that reason because you can still get excited for holidays and breaks. There is nothing better than being a kid and feeling the excitement of Christmas and knowing that you do not have to go to school for 2 weeks. We get a nice long break for Christmas this year and I really feel like I need it. Of course I have to get through Thanksgiving first and then a few more weeks before the BIG break is here!

Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday, but it can be a little stressful too. The fact both Kyle and my family live so close to each other can be great, but it can also be annoying too. There is no excuse not to do everything that both sides want to do...not that we don't love our families, but there has to be a time to say no. This year, we only have three different events to attend. Hopefully we can still find some time to catch up at home (laundry...and other fun things) and maybe do something that we would like to do.

Tonight when I got home from school I saw that Kyle had done so much around the house on his day off. He is so great! I can't believe that I am so lucky:) What a nice guy. He made the food to take tomorrow, put up Christmas lights, did laundry, cleaned, and cooked me supper. Bet you are jealous that I have such a great catch...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maisie caught the flu

So I didn't even know that dogs can catch the flu...but supposedly they can. Of course Maisie caught some sort of bug and was getting sick every twenty minutes or so all night. She was one sick puppy:) I convinced Kyle to take her into the vet and I would have taken a sick day, but I couldn't leave work.

This was the day that I was getting formally observed by the principal. I don't care how comfortable you are teaching...it is still a little nerve wracking to have someone judge everything that you say and do, take notes on it, and meet with you later. Everything went really well, but if you know me, I am a big worrier so I didn't sleep much before.

When I got home for work, Maisie was doing fine. She had to get a shot from the vet and then we brought some pills home in case she was still feeling nauseous. Kyle was all ready to cook her a special meal of noodles and tuna...of course we like to do this anyway because it is a favorite of theirs.

What would we do without these two dogs...I can't even imagine it!

It begins

So everyone is saying what a good idea that blogs are so I thought that I would try one out for myself. I should know better than anyone that I need a hobby for when I am sitting home and wondering what to do...so now I will have this, scrapbooking, and my baby pups. Not that people will want to read my thoughts, but I am sure that my mom will enjoy it...and seeing more pictures.

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