Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where does the time go?

So I guess I have nothing to say about myself...I have not written in my blog for too long. I will blame it on the fact that school started and I am not always able to get up to the scrapbook room every night. Plus, I am also not very there is not much to say:)

I do have one exciting thing to mention, I have started to meet a friend to crop once a month. I LOVE IT! Just going somewhere and seeing someone else make different things and get different ideas is so great. Of course Cara is so good, she is like a professional and I am someone who does not know what they are doing, but it is still fun. I also like it because it is great motivation to get things I just have to order some more albums from Close to My Heart and get all of my pages in protectors and in albums so people can look at them! This is a layout I worked on the last time that we got is actually done:)


Kim said...

Very cute layout! Looks your subject.

Katie said...

Your girls look adorable, as always!

Kristine Ponte said...

Are those little Yorkie's I see? I have two little babies myself :)

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