Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where does the time go?

So I guess I have nothing to say about myself...I have not written in my blog for too long. I will blame it on the fact that school started and I am not always able to get up to the scrapbook room every night. Plus, I am also not very there is not much to say:)

I do have one exciting thing to mention, I have started to meet a friend to crop once a month. I LOVE IT! Just going somewhere and seeing someone else make different things and get different ideas is so great. Of course Cara is so good, she is like a professional and I am someone who does not know what they are doing, but it is still fun. I also like it because it is great motivation to get things I just have to order some more albums from Close to My Heart and get all of my pages in protectors and in albums so people can look at them! This is a layout I worked on the last time that we got is actually done:)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Look What I Did at Club!

I am a member of my mom's stamping club and I was actually able to go to a meeting this past month! I was so excited to be able to meet everyone and of course, to make the craft. These are the pages we made...and I actually found pictures to put on them and did my title and now they are done! I hope you can see them, even though the pictures didn't turn out that great. These pages remind me of how excited I was to move into our new house.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New thing I am loving!

I always seem to have taken way too many many that I can't put them onto a two page layout in the way that I would like. I am getting much better at being able to toss or not print out ALL of the pictures that I take, but a product I really like are Flip Flaps from Close to My Heart. They are really easy to attach and they let you have more pictures on a page and still get the same look. Plus, some pictures are cute to me, but don't need to be front and center on a layout.

I used the Flip Flap on the bottom right picture and that allowed me to show the other two pictures of Sami. Of course I think she is the cutest pup in the world...besides May!


You would think that with a whole summer off, I would be able to get a ton of scrap booking done and have all of my digital pictures labeled, saved, and organized. Yet that is so not true. Only got a few pages done so far this summer, but these are two. I love taking pictures of my dogs and these are some from when we first got Sami. She was and is so cute!!! Lately I am really liking making my own embellishments by stamping things and cutting them out. It is cheap and easy to coordinate things and make them match!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Custom Scrapbook Pages

Because I love stamping and scrapbooking so much I have been contemplating trying to make custom pages for other people. I have decided to put this on ebay and see where it takes me. I might not have any interest, but you never know! If you are reading this blog and thinking that you would love a scrapbook album, but don't have time to make me!!! I am planning on ordering paper and supplies from Close to My heart ( and I will use cardstock, patterned paper, stamped images, ribbon, brads, buttons, stickers...

Because of the great coordinated paper and embellishments, I can easily create custom themes for many popular occasions like baby, christmas, wedding, birthday and more. I think that the best part is that people who are interested can basically choose the colors/theme of their pages!

I have decided to start the price at $80.00 for ten pages. The price includes 10 coordinated, embellished pages of your chosen theme. This also includes the cost of shipping! Pages have room to add about 40 photos and also have spots for journaling. Pages can be shipped 20 days after ordering.

Please contact me at if you would be interested in ordering or have any questions. Also, check back for more artwork and ideas for your own pages:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I officially am addicted to technology!
Just checking to see if this phone to blog thing works!

Summer Already

It is summer already and I am having a blast. I always feel a little guilty for not getting a part time job, but my excuse is that I still get paid and we go on too many trips!!! I would not want to miss out on those and the flexibility to run back to my parent's house.

Unfortunately, this spring/summer has had many times that I have felt the need to drive back to check on different family members' health. Not the most fun, but you have to make the most of it.

I will keep you updated on some of our upcoming trips. So far we have only taken a short weekend trip to Yankton, SD to use the jetski. That's all for now!

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