Friday, January 28, 2011

Wings Workshop

Close to My Heart had a really cool deal for I couldn't pass it up. Of course:) I found some pictures of Sami from the first Christmas we were married. I think that it turned out cute. I have to wait until I get my next order to see how the spray pen works, so that is why I didn't add anything to the cream tag on the second page. I hope you like it! If you would like to check out the January special, go to my mom's website Maybe someday I will be a consultant...


Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

What is a spray pen?

It looks adorable.

Glad to see you are doing some fun things for yourself!

I just watched Rachael Ray and it reminded me of you. We should get together and cook sometime. I'd love to freeze up a bunch of meals, and you're a MUCH better cook than I am!

Kim said...

Love it. Sam looks good with the dog toy on her head.

Katie H said...

Thanks...I have been trying to scrap a lot and make cards because it seems to take my mind of other things.

A spray pen lets you spray ink/paint to make a mist on paper or to ink stamps in a different way. I just got mine and haven't used it yet.

I am not a good cook, but I do love Rachel Ray and haven't tried too many of her recipes that didn't turn out yummy.

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