Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Limited crafting space...

So I never actually had unlimited space for crafting...but before my babies and our move I did have a whole room to myself!! Now I currently have part of my closet and I do all of my crafting on the kitchen table. Not quite the same, but I am hoping to have more space once we move again. But, even though I am limited, I am finding it has forced me to be much more organized and to know where things are so I can find them quickly. The system that has worked best for me is to keep all of the most used supplies in one of the large CTMH organizers and my current project in a ziplock bag so I can quickly throw it in there when it is time to eat (or use play dough). The large organizer is just big enough to hold all of the blocks, adhesive, embellishments, and a few ink pads, but it still fits nicely in my side of the closet. And I can stack it on top of the other three that hold stamp sets. Don't tell Kyle, but they each easily hold over 40 stamp sets when you alternate them. No matter the size of your crafting area or house, I hope you can find some time to create and make something work for you!! What is a way you have found to work with a small space?
Large organizer

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