Tuesday, January 13, 2015

National Papercrafting Month!

Due to ALOT of things going on in December, I took a little time off from blogging.  I guess we have gotten into January a little ways, but I am back, ready to share all the great things going on with Close To My Heart!

In celebration of National Papercrafting Month, we invite you to reflect on the things that make you who you are and on what you want to accomplish in the coming months.  Then, with the help of the Year >> Noted paper kit, record your experiences and goals!  During the month of January, with a qualifying purchase of $50, you can purchase this kit for just $5.  Or for an additional $5, you can order the kit PLUS the My Creations Mini Kraft Book.  For more info check HERE.  A stamp set, paper, stickers....all the great products to make a memorable keepsake.  Only in January.  Contact me to order yours or order products online HERE

Making my way, one day at a time,

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