Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spray Pen Take 2

This week I am taking my mom to her chemo appointment...and that is not super fun, so I brought the rest of my Wings paper home to finish some cards. We had fun making these cards and experimenting with the spray pen. It can get messy though, so if you are using one make sure you have a paper down behind you. Somehow I always end up with ink all over my hands, but I think it is just me! Kind of like when I eat chocolate ice cream and always end up with it on my face, while everyone else seems to be fine. We had so much fun that we decided I should come home to make cards every Monday...if only work didn't get in the way!!!

If you like these cards you can make your own! Just go to my website http://katiehessel.myctmh.com to order your own Wings Workshop on the Go kit (G1016) It includes a cute stamp set, 12 pieces of B&T paper, 10 pieces of cardstock, black mini-medley accents, a spray pen, and a workshop guide. You will have enough supplies to make 2 two-page layouts and six cards...with some left over! Don't forget to order the vineyard berry reinker if you would to use the spray pen like I did. All the spray pen needs is water and re-inker...I did use pearl paint, but that is optional.

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Renee said...

SOrry about your mom!!!! HUGS!! Love how the cards turned out!!

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