Monday, March 14, 2011

Well I am going to go for it!

After wondering if I would like it...I decided to just go for it. Digital scrapbooking that is:) I am going to try out making some pages from our trip to the virgin islands last summer. It is kind of nice that I can just play around with the pictures and the paper on Studio J from Close to My Heart ( and I don't have to buy anything if I don't want to. It is all online so I don't have to purchase a program to test it out! That is good for me, because I am not sure about all of this stuff. I absolutely love making pages out of my paper with real buttons and ribbon and all of the other goodies. There is nothing wrong with trying something new. Maybe I can do both! Don't tell my husband, because he will not want me starting a new hobby:) He will probably figure it out though because last night I stayed up until 1:00 am working on my pages in the office! I will post some of my pages as soon as I am done. I hope that everyone is enjoying their spring break.

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